Are you curious how over 20 different health factors affect your immune system?

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Backed by dozens of top healthcare experts and developed using a crowdsourced Prediction Market, our health assessment will help you understand ways to improve your overall immune health and protect yourself and loved ones during these times of high risk due to Covid-19.

The Top 10 Immunity Tips

Many people ignore their immune health until something bad happens. Unfortunately, for some folks, that's too late. Avoid unnecessary health problems by becoming pro-active — starting today! Now you can discover which simple lifestyle changes will best help you support your peak immune health — before something challenges your immune system.

About us

After seeing the chaotic and contradictory information around building immunity to COVID-19... We felt compelled to promote verified, trusted advice and recommendations to protect people around the globe.

So we sat down with a team of researchers and medical professionals to scour every scientific article about immunity building. Then we created a list of all the recommended immunity tactics.

After that, we used Predictive Market to identify the most effective tactics from the list. Predictive Market is a vetted method that relies on the wisdom of the crowd. It has been actively tested in predicting election results, sports outcomes, even economic trends — and has shown better predictive accuracy than experts with classified information!

Using this crowdsourced wisdom, we created a quiz that gives you the most accurate results. It clearly explains the value of each immunity tactic, allowing you and your family to boost your immunity and stay safe. Best of all, it’s FREE to use this simple, accurate tool!

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